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What I Do

As a Reiki Master, Quantum Healer and Intuitive with shamanic lineage I am talented at guiding one into deeply discovering themselves. Through learning how to heal myself I have learned how to heal others.  I have become versed in many modalities and learn new skills directly from the spirit world. I Specialize in trauma healing and spiritual development. My goal is not to have you depend on me for your healing but to empower and teach you to heal yourself. Overtime my clients and I tend become very close, I know I have done my job when we sit down to have the bittersweet "I don't think you need me anymore" conversation. 

Intuitive Readings

I use a combination of claircognizance and tarot/oracle cards to communicate with your guidance team! Pick which decks resonate with you and let's start that conversation! Your guides adore you, can you feel it?


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Energy Sessions

Usui Reiki Master - Best for if you are unsure about energy work

Quantum Reiki -This is a deeper form of Reiki that dives into the subconscious mind pulling out any trauma that may be causing mental, emotional or physical turmoil. A powerful session directed by your guidance team, are you ready?


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Timeline Healings

The Akashic is the library where Information about all timelines and all that ever was, is and will be  is stored. I use the Akashic as a tool to help you heal your past lives and begin to radically change your life for the better.


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Gifted Child

Many parents have gifted children who are high frequency and tuned into the spirit world. The parent may want to nurture the child's gifts but not know how. In this session the parent and child will get to talk about and experience their gifts in a safe, nurturing and growth centered environment. Providing you with the tools as the parent to raise a gifted child. Zoom Appt. Available in link below.

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My Magical Mentorships are centered around nurturing the child's  gifts in a safe and growth centered environment. Allowing the child to use and begin to understand their gifts safely. I work with children to develop emotional regulation, how to identify and work through triggers and how to work with and understand their energetic body. Making overall wellness a top priority, I work together with the parents to help them work with their children's' needs rather than against them. 

*Each program is personalized to each person's needs.

*Adult mentorships also available Please email me on the contact page for more information

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Zoom Sessions

I Offer all of my services via zoom

- First time clients:  I only offer readings and healings. Please message me if you have any questions or requests.

Interested but not sure? Free Zoom consultations are available.

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House Clearings

I come to your location and clear your house! 

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My classes are often Group Healing sessions

Now open: Feeling is Healing Series 

11/12 Anger

*all classes held at Journey to Wellness at Serenity Gardens 995 tamiami tail suite B Port Charlotte FL

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